2019 Angola Kid's League Softball

Age Requirements and Rules


Divisions Age Group Find Rules Down Page
Rookie League Ages 7 & 8 Rookie Rules
Minor League Ages 9 & 10 Softball Rules
Major League Ages 11 to 13  
Senior League Ages 13 & 14
Prep League Ages 15 & 16

Note--Age as of Dec. 31, 2018

Rookie Girls Softball Rules

1. Age: 7 & 8 year old girls.
The pitching machine concept will be used.. The way a game is played, it is structured to keep more players involved with softball. We hope this concept will help the players learn more about the sport and feel like they are in actual game situations.
2. Player Roster: A 12-player roster (when possible) will be used. All players will be in the batting order. A game can be played with as few as 7 players.
   A. A fourth outfielder and fifth infielder will be placed on the field defensively.
   B. A player is placed on either side of the pitching machine assuming the defensive position of the pitcher. The player(s) in this position must have both feet inside the pitching circle until the ball crosses the plate. PENALTY shall be the pitch is called a No-Pitch.
   C. The catcher takes her normal position.
   D. All four outfielders must be on the outfield grass.
   E. All batters must wear batting helmet with approved face guard.
This now means 11 players have been placed on the field defensively. The extra 12th player is in the batting order and will be placed in the field defensively after the first inning. With each new inning the team coach must rotate the extra player in the field and a new player sits on the bench for the next half inning. No player is permitted to sit on the bench more than half an inning unless a special situation warrants such (injury or illness). At this level it is important players actively participate every moment and not waste time sitting on the bench growing bored.
3. Game Length: Six innings or one hour and thirty minutes. No new inning will start after the time limit. If the game is tied it will remain tied. Standings will be based on a point system. Two points will be awarded for a win and one point will be awarded to each team with a tie. If two teams have the same point total at the end of the season the tie will be broken by the results of their head-to-head meeting. In the unlikely event the two teams still remain tied, the total number of runs scored for the season will be determining factor and after that a coin toss.
4. Field Dimension: Standard youth base lengths of 60 feet; the pitching machine will be set at 35 feet.
5. Umpires: Only one umpire is necessary since calling of balls and strikes is eliminated. The umpire will be positioned behind the catcher. A 3rd coach or parent volunteer will feed the pitching machine this person must have a background check. The person feeding the machine must be quiet during the play. A scorekeeper will be used to help keep track of the bating order and the score. This will enable us to be able to keep track of the standings.
6. Playing Rules: Normal youth Minor Girls League softball rules will apply with the following exceptions:
    A. Each batter will receive a maximum of five pitches.
    B. If the ball has not been hit into fair territory, the batter will then be called out. However, if the batter hits a foul ball on the last pitch they shall not be called out unless the ball is caught.
    C. Five runs per inning will be allowed to score.
    D. On an infield hit where the ball does not reach the outfield grass the batter and base runner(s) shall be permitted to advance only 1 base. When the batted ball reaches the outfield grass, once the incoming throw crosses the infield plain the runners must stop at the next base they reach but may still be thrown out on the throw.
    E. If a batted ball makes contact with the pitching machine or sandbags it is considered a dead ball and the batter will be awarded 1 base. When the batted ball reaches the outfield grass the ball, must be returned to the infield and controlled by a player before the runner is forced to stop at the next base touched but may still be thrown out on the throw.
7. Schedule: The Board shall supply the game schedule to all coaches prior to the start of the season.
    A. Home team is listed first on the schedule.
    B. All rained out games will be rescheduled by the Board depending upon availability of the field.
It is imperative that you as parents and coaches remember this is still a game for the kids to have fun and learn about the sport. We hope all adults will act like adults and will adhere to all the rules of baseball and maintain a low key and a relaxed atmosphere. Let the kids have fun and just play the game.



1. The following age:
            Minor Girls League 9-10
            Major Girls League 11-12
            Senior Girls League 13-14
           Prep Girls League 15-16
2. Schedules will be provided by the board.
3. No player may change teams after the draft is over.
4. A player must attend 50% of the practices to play in a game. (Senior & Prep League High School Varsity and JV players are exempt)
5. Every player will play 6 defensive outs and 1 at bat. (Senior & Prep League will play 9 defensive outs and 1 at bat).
Senior & Prep League teams shall have the option to use the Extra Hitter (EH). The EH must be declared at the start of the game and cannot be eliminated during the game.
Minor Girls League: every player will be in the batting order. They will have free defensive substitutions with the exception of the pitcher.
Major Girls League: The coach shall have the option to use roster batting. If roster batting is used the coach must declare it before the game starts.
6. Rule 1.07 the distance from the pitchers plate to the rear point of home plate shall be:
        Minor Girls…….           35’
        Major Girls…….           40’
        Senior & Prep Girls…….43’
7. Rule 1.11 All players shall wear uniforms supplied by the league. A player may not deface or alter the uniform in any way or she will not be permitted to play in a game until repairs are made. (Exception: Pitcher may or may not wear her visor when on the mound.)
All shirttails shall be tucked in.
Cast may be worn with proper covering, doctor’s written release turned into a board member 24hrs. before scheduled game.
No pitcher shall wear sweatbands or batting gloves or white long sleeve shirt.
Senior League may wear shorts that are approved by the league.
8. Rule 1.16
   (a) All batters must wear helmet with approved face guard.
    (b) No batboys/girls will be permitted.
9. Rule 3.03 & 3.04 A player in the starting line-up may re-enter the game once at same position or lower in the batting order after she has sat out 1 complete inning.
10. Rule 3.10 (b) Umpire shall consult with a board member.
11. Rule 3.17 When on defense only 1 coach is permitted to be out of the dugout and that coach must remain at the door end of the dugout staying behind an imaginary line from the front corner parallel to the foul line.
12. Rule 4.01 (a) (b) Turn all line-ups and substitutions into scorekeeper.
13. Rule 4.07 When a player or coach is ejected from a game, the player may sit in the stands but must remain silent, and the coach must go to his car. If a player or coach is ejected from a game they shall be suspended from the next game, in which their team participates, which means a player may sit in the stands and remain silent, but the coach shall be suspended from the park for that game.
14. Rule 4.09 An inning will end after a team has 3 outs or 10 runs in that inning.  Nothing will be taken away from the last batter. Minor Girls League is 5 runs in an inning. Major Girls League is 7 runs in an inning. If the 5th, 7th, or 10th run in an inning is scored on a base on balls or a hit batter the inning is over immediately.
15. Rule 4.10 (e) No Game.  If a game has 1 complete inning played and the game is suspended it will be treated as a suspended game and will be rescheduled to start from that point.
16. Rule 4.12 (a) (2) No new inning will start after 2hrs. (Senior & Prep League 2 hrs. 30 min.) in the event of a tie the league director or a board member shall decide how many extra innings to play. No new inning will start after 10:30 PM. The umpire shall confer with any board member on tie games.
Rule 4.12 (b) Suspended games will be rescheduled by the board.
17. Rule 4.19 The coach who is protesting a game must present a letter to the league president within 24 hrs.
18. Rule 6.05 (k) In running to first base the batter-runner must touch the orange base, while the fielder must touch the white base. If either misses the proper base it is considered just like missing any other base and the umpire shall make the appropriate call.
19. Bat throwing, when the batter throws the bat:
  (1)  First offense for each team will result in a team warning.
  (2)Second offense the batter will be called out, the ball will remain alive and runners may advance at their own risk.

20.  Rule 6.09 Dropped third strike not in effect for Minor Girls League.
21. Rule 6.10 Designated hitter shall not be used.
22. Rule 7.12 Exception, In the Minor Girls League a base runner shall not leave her base until the pitched ball has crossed the plate. Base runner will be called out if she does.
     Rule 7.12 Minor Girls Only: A base runner shall be allowed to steal 1 base when the ball crosses the plate. Once a play is dead, the runner on third base will be able to score only if there is a:
    (1)   Batted ball
    (2)   Walked batter with bases loaded
    (3)   Batter hit by pitched ball with bases loaded
    (4)   If a play is made on the runner at third bases
     (Note:  #2, 3, 4 under no circumstance will another                                                 runner be able to advance more than 1 base)
23. Rule 7.13 Runner must slide to avoid contact with a fielder at any base except first base. A runner is out when she slides head first while moving forward.
24. Rule 8.08 At the start of the game or when a new pitcher enters the game they shall be allowed 5 warm up pitches, no more than one minute may be used.. Between innings the returning pitcher shall be allowed 3 warm up pitches, no more than one minute may be used.
25. Rule 8.12 On the second trip in an inning or third trip of the game the pitcher must be removed.
Minor Girls & Major Girls Leagues a pitcher may pitch only 3 innings per game.
Senior & Prep League a pitcher may pitch only 4 innings per game.
All players may re-enter the pitching position only once provided they had remained on the field in a defensive position.
26. A pitcher in Minor, Major & Senior & Prep Girls League who hits 4 batters in any 1 game must be removed as a pitcher in that game.
27. All teams will field 9 players but may start and play with 7 players. Minor Girls and Major Girls Leagues shall field 10 players, but the 10th player must be an outfielder, but may start and play with 7.
(1) All four outfielders must be on the outfield grass until the pitched ball has crossed the plate.