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Our Mission

The mission of the Angola Kid's League is to provide the youth of our community the opportunity to learn the sports of baseball, softball and football in a safe, organized and supervised environment, while fostering the principles of good sportsmanship, teamwork, inclusion and discipline as well as building self-esteem and confidence. The organization strives to ensure that every child will have the opportunity to participate regardless of social or economic standing.


1. Special “COVID-19” release waivers must be completed by all players, coaches, volunteers, umpires and/or regular spectators of program activities.

2. No handshaking/celebration: Players and coaches should refrain from handshakes, high fives, fist/elbow bumps, chest bumps, group celebrations, etc.

3. Dugouts shall be closed and off limits to players and coaches.

4. Players should limit any sharing of playing equipment, bats, gloves, fielder’s mask, catchers’ gear, helmets, water bottles etc. Baseballs and Softballs will be cleaned whenever possible.

5. It is suggested all participants wear some type of face covering while at the park, and especially while at the games. For example, umpires, players, coaches, scorekeepers, etc. If a player chooses to wear additional PPE, they may do so as long as it does not compromise the safety of other players.

6. All teams will have a supply of cleaning supplies and hand sanitizer.

7. Parents should have back up supplies in the player’s equipment bag for use when needed and their own marked water bottle or sports drink. No team coolers are permitted.

8. Fans attending games should follow 6’ social distancing guidelines at all times. BLEACHERS SHALL BE CLOSED AND OFF LIMITS

9. Any player or person not feeling well should not attend games or practices.

10. The use of candy, chewing gum, and/or sunflower seeds shall not be permitted by players, coaches, umpires or spectators.

11. The Concession Stand will be closed for the season.

12. There shall be some special game rules and time limits that will be communicated with the coaches that will be enforced for the season.

Angola Kid’s League Board




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Rule Clarification

Approved Bats - Cal Ripken Baseball and Babe Ruth Baseball Cal Ripken Division - All non-wood bats must have the USABat Marking. The Barrel Maximum is 2 5/8". No BBCOR Bats are permitted in the Cal Ripken Division. For the T-Ball Division, bats must be marked with the USABat T-Ball Stamp. Babe Ruth Baseball 13-15 Division – All non-wood bats must have the USABat Marking or marked BBCOR .50. Bat Barrel - 2 5/8". Babe Ruth Baseball 16-18 Division - All non-wood bats MUST be a BBCOR .50 and no greater than a -3. Barrel - 2 5/8".


The Angola Kid's League is a non-profit corporation, (501 (c) (3) ), dedicated to providing the youth of Steuben County, Indiana the opportunity to learn the sports of baseball, softball and football in a safe, organized and supervised environment. The boys and girls served by The Angola Kid's League come from both urban and rural areas and represent a broad spectrum of social and economic backgrounds.

Steuben County is located in northeast Indiana and has a population of approximately 34,000 people. The largest city in the county is Angola, a town of approximately 8,000 residents. The Angola Kid's League is located in Angola, as the name suggests, but all residents of Steuben County are eligible to participate in the league. The primary school system in the county is the Metropolitan School District of Steuben County, which consists of four elementary schools, a middle school and a high school and serves Angola and the surrounding area. Enrollment in the school district in 2005 was approximately 3,000 students in grades K-12. Total enrollment for all school districts in Steuben County in 2005 was approximately 5,000 students in grades K-12.
The predecessor of The Angola Kid's League was The Angola Kid's Baseball League. This organization was formed in 1978 when a group of community residents assumed the responsibility of operating a youth baseball program from the Angola Jaycees service organization.
In 1982 the league was incorporated as a non-profit corporation. The Angola Girls Softball Organization merged with the Angola Kid's Baseball League in the fall of 1991 and the name was changed to The Angola Kid's League. Youth football was added to the league in 1997. In 2002 the league became affiliated with Babe Ruth League, Inc. and remains a member of the organization.

Angola Kids League's Board of Directors

You may contact any board member by sending an e-mail to

Position Name
President Jack Hill
Vice President Scott Miller
Treasurer Tyler Benner
Secretary Scott Gruner
Communications Director Amanda Quaderer
Fundraiser Director Amanda Quaderer
Concessions Director Shelley Herbert
Umpire Director Pete Henderson
Boys Sports Director Jason Fraley
T-Ball Director Pete Henderson
Minor Boys League Director Ron Graber
Major Boys League Director Jason Fraley
Rookie Boys League Director Brian Noll
Senior Boys League Director Mike Fulton
Girls Sports Director Jeannine Ravellette
Minor Girls League Director Matt Quaderer
Major Girls League Director
Rookie Girls League Director Jeannine Ravellette
Senior Girls League Director 
Football Director Brian Boyd   


1. Good sportsmanship is the key to making this a great experience for all involved. Remember to keep things in perspective, this is just a game and it is supposed to be fun!

2. Coaches set the tone for how their players and fans react during a game. If the coach remains calm and rational you are setting a good example for how you expect your players and fans to behave . They will usually follow your lead.

3. Read the rule book and know the rules going into the season. This is to your advantage. Umpires are only human and do make mistakes.

4. Coaches are allowed to question a rule interpretation and may question a call if they feel the umpires view of the play was obstructed. However, the proper procedure must be followed.

5. To question a call, the coach must ask for time out before entering the field of play and then must go directly to the umpire who made the call to state his case. If you feel the umpire did not see the play clearly you may ask for an appeal. The umpire is under no obligation to grant you an appeal if he feels he clearly saw the play. If he grants you an appeal he will go to the other umpire and discuss the play with him. Do not follow the umpire, wait until he returns to you and he will let you know what the final call is.

6. Coaches may not question judgment calls such as balls and strikes.

7. Maintain a civil tone when speaking with an umpire. Yelling accomplishes nothing and is more likely to result in an umpire tuning you out. Foul language will not be tolerated under any circumstances and will result in your ejection. Keep your cool!

8. Coaches should restrict their comments to their own players and the umpires during a game. Do not hold discussions with the fans during a game and do not talk to players on the opposing team unless you are giving them a compliment. Above all, do not get into a shouting match with opposing coach. You both could end up getting ejected.

9. Remember, you are not only here to teach the proper mechanics of the game, you are here to teach the proper mental approach. Teaching good sportsmanship and a positive outlook are just as important as teaching hitting, fielding and throwing. Make it fun.


SMOKING (including e-cigarettes)

2. NO ANIMALS of any kind permitted in the park

3. NO CLIMBING on any fence or backstop including the batting cage

4. NO HITTING OR THROWING of baseball or softballs against any fence or backstop including the batting cage and buildings

5. NO BIKES, SCOOTERS OR SKATEBOARD RIDING on game days this includes roller blades

6. BEHAVIOR POLICY                                                                              

Hereby states that the following conduct constitutes an interference with Angola Kid's League programs during league play: any conduct which causes or which can reasonably be foreseen to cause a disruption or interference in the carrying out of the Angola Kid's League programs or any other purpose for the Angola Kid's League.

Further, any disturbance, disruption or interference with Angola Kid's League play constitutes sufficient grounds to support a determination that conduct exists which interferes with the purpose of the Angola Kid's League [an example of disruption or disturbance would be the harassment (including profanity) and/or mistreatment (including shoving or bumping) of umpires, coaches, players, ground keepers or management of the Angola Kid's League]. 

Further any conduct interference violation as outlined above will require that the party or parties causing the interfering conduct shall immediately vacate the Angola Kid's League leased grounds and shall be barred from attending any Angola Kid's League game for the following two (2) weeks. 

Further if a second violation of conduct as outlined above occurs, that the party or parties causing the interfering conduct shall be barred for the entire season from attending any Angola Kid's League program.


All players wishing to participate in Angola Kid's League (AKL) baseball or softball programs will participate in an Annual Draft beginning at the Rookie League level. The Annual Draft will consist of Player Evaluations followed by a Team Draft, both of which will occur at a time and place determined by the AKL Board of Directors.

League Directors will be charged with conducting the Player Evaluations for their respective league. Evaluations will consist of a series of skill tests conducted in the presence of the league coaches so that the abilities of the players can be assessed. League Directors should especially note the performance of each coach's child during evaluations so that they are placed in the proper draft slot during the Team Draft. Prior to the start of evaluations, each coach will be provided with a list of eligible players for their league. In the Minor, Major & Senior Leagues an eligible player is one who is present at the Player Evaluations or played in the AKL during the previous season. In the Rookie Leagues an eligible player is one who is present at the Player Evaluations or played in the Rookie League during the previous season. Each eligible player will be assigned a number. At the conclusion of evaluations, the League Director will meet with the coaches to discuss any eligible players who were not present at evaluations in an effort to give all of the coaches some idea of the player's abilities if possible. Coaches will then be informed of the date and time of their league's Team Draft.

The Team Draft will take place during the week immediately following the Player Evaluations. The League Director will conduct the Team Draft under the supervision of the AKL Executive Director or his representative. Only one coach per team may be determined prior to the Team Draft and only that person may be present at the Draft. If a coach is unable to attend the Team Draft due to extenuating circumstances, the Executive Director will appoint someone to select the team for the coach. An updated list of eligible players will be provided to each coach prior to the start of the draft. The draft will begin with each coach drawing a number. This number becomes the team number and corresponds to the team's position in the draft order. The Executive Director will assign team names at the conclusion of the Draft. The team numbers will then be re-drawn to determine their bracket position in the AKL Tournament held at the end of the playing season. Following the drawing of numbers the drafting of teams will begin.

The AKL will supply a Draft Board poster so that the League Director can write in each selection as they occur. Coaches are responsible for checking the board to make sure the proper player numbers have been written in for their selections. Once the draft has been declared closed by the Executive Director all selections are final.

The League Director will begin by placing any eligible son or daughter of a coach (if applicable) in a proper slot on the Draft Board. The placement of these players should reflect on their abilities compared to the league players as a whole. Once a coach selects a player the player may not be traded to another team. The coach who owns the first position on the draft board will then make a selection from the list of eligible players by announcing the players name and number and the League Director will write the number in the proper slot on the Draft Board. The remaining coaches will then make their selections in order until the first round has been completed. The coach who selected last in the first round will then select first to begin the second round and the pattern will continue until all eligible players have been selected. During the course of the draft, all siblings will be placed on the same team unless otherwise specified by a parent or guardian. Siblings must be placed on a team as consecutive picks. Once the list of eligible players has been exhausted, any additional players will be placed on a team by means of a drawing. Coaches will draw these players as their turn to make a selection occurs. Following the selection of the last available player, the Executive Director will instruct the coaches to make a final check of the Draft Board to determine the accuracy of their selections. He will then declare the Team Draft closed. No players may change teams once the draft has been closed.

The League Director, after consulting with the coaches, will then determine the maximum number of players that will be allowed per team. Players that sign up following the team draft will be placed on a team in the order they are received, while maintaining the draft order that was established, until this maximum number has been achieved. Late sign ups will be allowed until one week before the first regular season game for that league.

(An addition to consider). Any player that signs up after the maximum roster numbers have been met will be placed on a stand by list. If a roster spot becomes available prior to the late sign-up deadline, players from the stand-by list may be assigned to fill the spot in the order their application was received.

Special Requests
All special requests must be made in writing by a parent or guardian. They must be submitted by the deadline indicated for each request and are subject to approval. The AKL allows special requests as follows:

It may be requested that a player be moved up early to the next league. The move may be made no earlier than one year before the player would be eligible to participate in that league. This request must be made when the player's registration is submitted or prior to the player evaluations, whichever occurs first.

It may be requested that a player not be placed on the team of a specified coach. This request is limited to one coach and must be made no later than Noon on the Monday following Player Evaluations. If a coach affected by this request attempts to draft the player in question he shall be directed by the AKL Executive Director to choose another player. No coach will be informed of any special request unless it comes into play during the Team Draft.


The Angola Kid’s League (AKL) will sponsor teams comprised of eligible league players to participate in tournament play each year. This document designates the number of teams that the AKL will sponsor and for which age groups. It defines the eligibility criteria for coaches and players and how the selection process will work. Finally, the tournament participation options are outlined and the financial responsibility for the AKL is described as well as the uniforms and equipment which will be supplied.


One team in each of the following age groups will be selected: Boys ages 8U, 10U, 12U and 15U* Girls ages 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U and 16U Each team will be comprised of 12 active players. If an active player is unable to participate in a tournament game, the player may be replaced by an alternate player. Coaches should consult the League Director before activating any alternate player. *This team may become a 14U team if no 15 year olds are selected for the team.


Coaches must be a regular season coach in the same league as the tournament team they will be coaching. They must coach at least 50% of their team’s regular season games. They need not be a head coach. All tournament team coaches must pass the Babe Ruth coaches certification course and present their coaching certificate if the team will be participating in a Babe Ruth tournament. Players must be a member of a regular season AKL team. They must meet age requirements as outlined in the Babe Ruth League Baseball or Softball Rules and Regulations book. A player must reside within the AKL Babe Ruth League baseball/softball geographical boundaries. For Babe Ruth or Cal Ripken Tournament play, a player must have played in at least 50% of the regular season games. Special exemptions may be sought from Babe Ruth if a player is unable to meet the games played requirement due to injury. It is the responsibility of the AKL League Director to contact the District Commissioner and secure permission. All terms and conditions for the players participation handed down by Babe Ruth must be followed. Any special exemptions must be approved by the AKL President.


Four eligible coaches will be selected for each tournament team. League Directors will be responsible for these selections. The head coach should be selected first and consulted with in regards to the selection of the other three coaches. However, the League Director has the final say. All tournament team coaches must be approved by the AKL Board of Directors.

All head coaches and the league director will meet together to select the tournament team. If a head coach cannot make it to the meeting then a registered assistant coach from that team can be present. If in the event that no coach can attend from a team, the board of directors will appoint a representative. The meeting and process will be overseen by a member of the executive board. These meetings will be scheduled at the beginning of the season along with the game schedules. The selection process will be held by rounds. In the first round, each coach will select the 10 most deserving players who are eligible to participate. The coaches will record their selections on a piece of paper and turn it in to the director to be tabulated. Each player who receives a majority of votes will be placed on the roster. Players who do not receive the vote requirement will be placed back into the eligible player pool. Round 2 and each subsequent round will then begin in the same manner, except each coach will vote for the required number needed to fill the roster from the remaining eligible players. In each round, any player who receives a majority of votes will be placed on the roster. The process will continue until we have 12 roster slots filled. Constructive and open discussion by all present is required throughout the entire process.

Each league in lieu of the voting process may elect to have a tryout for the selection process. All players in the league shall be invited to the tryout. The league director along with the league coaches shall have the ability to make the decision on selecting the 12 best players based on the tryout performance. If the league elects to have a tryout only the players showing up to the tryout will be considered for the tourney team. That means there needs to be plenty of notice for the tryout so all league players have a chance to attend.

Following the setting of the roster, the League Director will contact each roster player to determine if they wish to participate in tournament play. If a player declines to participate they will be replaced by the next highest vote getter. After the final 12 player roster is set, the League Director will meet with the AKL President to obtain final roster approval. The approved rosters will then be submitted by the League Director to the Boys or Girls Sports Director by June 1st who will post the tournament team rosters at the concession stand by the first Saturday in June. If the first Saturday is June 1st, they will be posted by the following Saturday. ( This is the latest date permitted. The tournament team roster may be posted early if the tryouts took place early in the season.)

Note: Tournament team ballots are confidential and individual ballots, as well as final ballot tallies, will not be shared with the public or any coach or board member other than those directly involved with the selection of that team.


Each tournament team may participate in any tournament they choose. Each team has the option of attending a Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken sponsored event or a local tournament. This decision will be left up to the parents of the players and the League Directors. Directors must ensure that any decisions for tournament play are supported by a majority of the parents. All tournament play for the season must be completed by September 1st. All equipment and team notebooks must be turned in to the League President immediately upon completion of the tournament season.


The AKL will provide up to $400.00 for each team. This money may be used for uniforms or tournament fees. The League Director shall be responsible for this money by.

The League Director shall submit invoices, receipts, etc. to the league treasurer for reimbursement or to have checks sent to the appropriate supplier or tournament.

The AKL will not be responsible for any travel expenses or any expenses incurred by parents to attend a tournament.

Play in any tournament sponsored by the AKL will not count against the $400 maximum as there is no entry fee involved.


All uniforms must have Angola, Angola Kid’s League or AKL on the front of the jersey. Color of said uniform shall be of Angola High colors: purple, gold, gray, white, black. Each team shall be allowed to select the style of uniform they would like with the approval of the League Director but the expense is part of the $400.00 provided by the league.


The tournament team head coach shall be able to use their regular season equipment including bats, helmets, catcher’s equipment, score books and lineup cards. Use of this equipment is optional. In addition, each team that is attending a Babe Ruth tournament will be given a notebook containing insurance information, team rosters and birth cards. It is the responsibility of each head coach to ensure all equipment and the team notebook is handed in immediately following completion of tournament play for the season.


Each tournament team shall be able to seek donations or fundraise to help cover tournament fees and or player expenses but shall not contact any of Angola Kid’s League’s sponsors without permission from the Executive Board in advance. All money must be presented to the League’s Treasurer and checks will be issued directly to suppliers or tournaments when appropriate or to the league director or team coach as invoices or receipts are submitted.

All expenses over $400.00, which the league is allowing, will be paid as the team submits fundraising funds to cover those expenses. Any expenses which the team has above what they raise will be the responsibility of the team coaches and parents. If a team is going to a tournament that involves travel and raises money to cover any of those expenses, those monies must be turned into the league. Those monies will then be used to reimburse parents for their child’s expenses up to the amount that was raised. This requires parents to submit receipts to the league for verification purposes.

THIS policy is meant to serve as a guideline for tournament teams of the Angola Kid’s League. It is important to remember that each coach and player is a representative of the AKL, as well as our community, and should conduct themselves in such a manner as to serve as a source of pride for all involved. Good sportsmanship and fair play should be of the highest priority and is expected from all participants and parents. Good Luck to all and HAVE FUN!